We supply parts and deliver service for all of our products, backed by 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Our installation crews and certified technicians are available Monday through Friday, within our 5 state territory. With strategically located service personnel, service calls can be accomplished within 24 hours in certain circumstances. We also provide an after hours Support Line for your emergencies during the evenings and on weekends. After hours support - 440-826-0324 x13. Contact Us Secure Care Service Technician We service the following types of equipment Wandering Resident Systems. Mobile and Ceiling Lifts. Nurse Call Systems. Fall Prevention Systems. MICHIGAN PARTNER Our service & installation partner in the state of Michigan is TEC Systems. Owner, Aaron Wright, is dedicated to providing the high level of service and authorized installation that our customers have come to expect from Secure Care Health Systems. Aaron has been in business for more than 30 years and works side by side with our customers, installation crew and staff. Aaron and his staff have obtained many significant licensees’ for doing business in the Long Term Care and Acute Care Industry, specifically meeting the requirements of the state of Michigan. TEC Systems Electric Ceiling Lift Installation Secure Care recently completed an installation of the Vancare C625 ceiling lift system in Mercy Hospital. This traversing lift system spans the entire room, offering complete room coverage for bed to chair transfers, repositioning and other Safe Patient Handling functions. In the picture on the right, you can see that the rail is recessed into the drop ceiling. This "flush" mount was requested by the Trinity Health System's for it's esthetically pleasing appearance and to reduce cleaning requirements. Another advantage is the lift motor charging system is hidden above the ceiling. Visit Vancare.com for more information on this ceiling lift system. Vancare ceiling lift
PRODUCT MANUALS Secure Care product Diagram Wandering Resident Systems
Programming Instructions:

Advantage 500DE LegacySecure Care PDF
Advantage 1000DE LegacySecure Care PDF
Preventative MaintenanceSecure Care PDF
External Re-Entry KeypadSecure Care PDF
Transmitter Test LogSecure Care PDF

Nurse Call System:

Pager InstructionsSecure Care PDF
Pager Sign in SheetSecure Care PDF

We are now offering preventative maintenance programs on Secure Care Systems, and Vancare lifts. Click here for our brochure.