ReZcare brings you the latest technology of Wireless Nurse Call Systems with the backbone from Inovonics for the highest level of dependability.

Wireless Nurse Call Solutions:

Emergency Response Inovonics Echostream Network is based on frequency hopping and split spectrum that sends redundant messages across multiple channels to avoid interference. The intelligent repeaters provide the backbone of the network which allows this system to accommodate any size system. New power management options help extend battery life. Inovonics technology is an ideal solution for life safety & security applications. Designed to move small to moderate amounts of data over a moderate range in commercial environments, the Inovonics EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network is based on frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology that sends redundant messages across multiple channels to avoid interference obstacles. The intelligent repeaters, which provide the backbone of the network, can accommodate virtually any size application, and the combination of short on-air time and sophisticated power management options allows extended battery life. Due to its low latency, or the amount of time for a message to travel from one end to the other, and reliability, Inovonics technology is an ideal solution for life safety and security applications. This now gives you very powerful reports on response time in your facility as well as improved functionality having the pagers escalate through management when a call light has been left on and staff needs some extra help caring for patients after a specific time. Check out the additional features below….

Bed Station

RezCare Bed Station With this DUAL bedstation, you can not only use your existing push button cords, you can also tie in your fall prevention devices as well as have a dedicated STAFF ASSIST button if your staff member needs help. OR you can save money by using one station for TWO beds in a semi-private room.

Bath Station

ReZCare Bath Station Bath station replaces the traditional red pull string that everyone is used to.

Temperature Alert

Temperature Alert Secure Care Exclusive! This device is exclusive to Secure Care's Emergency Call System and can be programmed to give you an alert in an area that you need to monitor daily for temperature. It can be set at TWO points High Temp and Low Temp and will differenciate the alerts accordingly. No more having man hours checking the tempatures of rooms, hallways or computer rooms daily. This device pays for itself within the FIRST YEAR you own it! It may also be integrated with humidity where necessary.

LED Sign

LED Sign LED Sign can replace your existing square light up board at your nurses station and give you the Welcoming look when no call lights are on! Can be programmed to say “Welcome to Nursing Home A+” or specific messages, when no call lights are on. Then when a call light is turned on it will scroll across sign showing what light has been turned on and the specific room!

Sconce Lighting

Sconce LightingNOW available!!! Get rid of the old traditional call light look and use the new Sconce Lighting outside your door. Light adds the Home Look which has been driven by the Personal Centered Care Movement.
FEATURED PRODUCT one-way chair slide Repositioning in a wheelchair is a high risk task in healthcare settings. This device helps take the risk of injury out of the equation. The patient can slide back into the chair, but cannot slide down or out of the chair due to the unique material. The one-way cushion can reduce falls and the associated injuries. sanipull SaniPull replaces unsanitary traditional pulls and plastic pull cords in hospitals & long-term care facilities. These cleanable ribbon pulls are for over bed lights and nurse calls. MANUFACTURER SPOTLIGHT McAuley Logo McAuley Medical was incorporated with a mission to provide a complete and innovative line of Safe Patient Handling Solutions to healthcare facilities worldwide. Their total focus is on reducing patient and caregiver injury. Vancare Logo Vancare, Inc. exhibited at the Safe Patient Handling and Movement conference in Orlando, Florida in March. They introduced their new portable ceiling lift, the P440. See the video on the conference on YouTube